About Us

An independently owned & operated company, iiGadgetz was established in Queensland in January 2014. Frustrated at not being able to purchase good quality phone cables without paying a fortune, we commenced operations with the simple purpose of selling high quality phone accessories & other gadgets at a reasonable price.

Today’s consumers want high quality accessories without a hefty price tag. iiGadgetz makes it easy for them and you to stay on trend without sacrificing quality.

Over the years we’ve worked to ensure the quality of our suppliers and manufacturing stays high. This means that our products are consistently high quality that meet or exceed Australian guidelines.

Best of all, our focus has always been on wholesaling, so we know your business and how valuable space is. Our range of products includes hang sell, shelf & grab item options so you can tailor our product range to your store needs.  We also work hard to ensure a minimum GP of 40% on our products, so that you can maximise your returns.

Operating Australia wide with a friendly, experienced team, iiGadgetz is committed to continuing our focus on the most important aspect of our business… our customers.

Why buy from iiGadgetz?

Accountability – our team knows their roles & responsibilities, we also have robust processes in place to ensure that you receive consistently excellent customer service.

Integrity – Warren Buffet once said it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to lose it. We know you want to deal with people you can trust, who are reliable, honest and fair. This is what we are always striving for.

Consistency – You can’t sell a product when you don’t know if it’s going to work or not. Our products are consistent and so are we.

Continuity of Supply – Ordering stock should never be like a lucky dip (do they have stock or don’t they?). Our inventory controls are in place to ensure that we always have the stock you need, available to ship.

Friendly Staff – Our team is awesome. Warm, professional and happy to help.

No Advertising – Rather than waste money on marketing, we use those savings to keep our costs low and quality high.

Wholesale Specialists – We’re not interested in competing with you. We are here to support you.